Automatic Merging not working

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Where in Accointing and Koinly these kind of transactions are merged, Blockpit does not:

First I tried to change the time of the incoming transaction to match the outgoing transacties and pressed the Recalculate button, however that did not help.

Then I tried to search how Blockpit auto-merge workes and found this article:

Automatic and manual Merging to Label „Transfer“ – Blockpit Helpcenter

I checked the transaction hashes (nr. 2) and they are not the same. In that case I understand there will be no auto-merge since all criteria should be met.

Should Blockpit not improve there auto-merge since it’s obvious these should be auto-merged and Accointing and Koinly were able to do this right.

Can Blockpit have a look at this? Now I have to do a lot manually.

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That because of potentially „incorrect“ timestamps. Some exchanges fail to provide correct data for certain transfers. This results in the above shown issue of Withdrawals that are imported seconds after the Deposit. Such cases have to be excluded from our Auto-Merging algorithm.

You can merge these manually: Automatic and manual Merging to Label „Transfer“

But Accointing and Koinly managed to do it automatically with their system of auto-merge, so I think since Accointing is now aquired by Blockpit it will be a good idea to have a look at that, to make Blockpit better. The whole ponit for me of using a system like Blockpit is not to do things manually. The wrong timestamp is not a problem for others so it should not be a problem for Blockpit as well is my opinion.

We tend for more manual merging, as in the past (where we had merging suggestion sheets) whenever we automated too much or gave suggestions for merges that were not 100 % certain it ended in a mess as many users did simply not check their transfers for correctness and merged incorrectly. This then resulted in other followup issues.

I will bring the topic up again, though. Thank you for the feedback.

Add: The Auto-Merging works quite well, though. Unless you have a lot of transactions within a day. This may be your case?

Hi Passiflo, on that day it are just the two transfers on the image (plus a fiat withdrawel). Thanks for explaining why Blockpit tends for more manuel merging, although I like it more automated or at least suggestions like you mentioned you had before (this was also the case in Accointing).

Could be due to the edited „state“. Not sure. You could try and reset the transactions and wait for a secondary auto-merge trigger. Usually it works quite well.

Thanks for your feedback, though. I am sure there will be a lot of UX updates in 2024.