Block & Wine #134 - The future of NFTs is phygital

An enchanting journey: where art, luxury, and technology meet!

Tuesday | December 5, 2023 | 6:30PM - weXelerate Vienna

Step into the realm where the tangible and the digital merge.
In this immersive experience, you will gain first-hand insights into the artful integration of NFTs as digital twins closely connected to physical objects. Let yourself be drawn into tokenizing artwork and jewelry and test cryptographic NFC chips, that protect precious goods and increase the tradability of real treasures on the Web3 marketplaces.

Please meet your incredible guides on this journey through the world of phygital NFTs:

Michael Schramm (CEO & Co-Founder of OwnerChip) will share his in-depth knowledge about the benefits and lessons learned from real-life tokenization projects.

Jonas Lamprecht (CEO & Co-Founder of Stilami) creates wonderful sustainable jewelry that tells stories using NFTs to unlock both secret and public content connected with physical masterpieces.

Ferdinand Stich-Regner (Ethereum OG and CTO of OwnerChip) has a strong track record in tokenization and crypto and will lead us through the deep technical aspects and challenges around NFTs, NFC, and smart contracts.

Stefan Temmel (SteboArt) is an exceptionally innovative artist who seamlessly blends traditional painting with contemporary street art in his creations. He uses NFTs to bind digital content to his artwork and is also the creator of the NFT collection “ArtsyApes”.

:wine_glass: With the amazing support from our wonderful wine partners:
Nemeth Family Wineries

Take this opportunity to explore the intersection of luxury, technology, and creativity - a rendezvous where the physical and digital worlds intertwine to create a web of innovation and fascination!

We look forward to seeing you! :wine_glass::raised_hands:

The Block&Wine Meetups are open for anybody interested in and enthusiastic about crypto and blockchain.

Location: Praterstraße 1, 1020 Wien @ weXelerate

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