Deleting a spam holding

I have one transaction which is Ethereum chain spam where someone sends a „claim your prize“ transaction with an amount and a link in the transaction. It is just spam and I have excluded the transaction. However, it still shows up in my „holdings“ and I can’t delete it - any idea how to just erase it completely from the history?

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All transactions are stored on the blockchain forever. You can only hide them on Blockpit. They cannot be deleted.
This is my level of knowledge.

I understand that, I was more thinking about deleting the record from Blockpit, not the transaction itself. I seem to only be able to hide the transaction, which would be fine but it still appears under „holdings“.

You can exclude such transactions from the calculation.

There ist a Feature planned to hide such stuff from the Synced Balance as well as far as i know.
But important are the active transactions and the calculated balance and also check the report for exact numbers

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@plk: It is possible to delete transactions, but only those that are manually created. Otherwise not.

Yeah, sure that is possible, but why would one create a SCAM/Spam transaction manually? :sweat_smile:

No offense though :wink:

My only concern is that it still shows up in holdings and therefore perhaps in tax reports? It’s also annoying, seeing it there even though the transaction is hidden:

Non taken :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

(ist der Beitrag jetzt lang genug)

Nope, if excluded transactions are not in the report.

Read that comment again:

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Correct. Feature is planned.

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