Margin trading on Bybit


When margin trading on Bybit you can incur negative balances, hence when imported to Blockpit it complains about „missing history“ when a balance goes negative. Is it ok to leave it like this, or should I do something about it?


What I’ve currently done is add non-taxable income transactions for any asset going negative because of margin trading, then I added non-taxable withdrawal transactions once the trade is over. Is this necessary and/or correct? Thanks!

Usually, Margin Trading is related to so-called borrowing of assets (additional margin).
If you are facing „Missing History“ Tips you can solve these by clicking on the Tip (per transaction) and selecting „Reconcile Balance“. This will create Auto-Balancing Transactions that can be relabeled as Non-Taxable.

Please note that „Missing History“ Tips can also be related to other problems with your Bybit transaction history.

# What do Tips mean and how to solve them?