Polkadot integration/wallet, missing costs staking transaction


I have DOT in my Trust wallet, I added this to Blockpit and Koinly.
It are only two transactions.

From exchange to Wallet:


Then I started staking:


At Koinly they manage to show the costs for the second staking transaction:

Blockpit does not:

Is this the right place to address this issue and request for a fix?

What I also don’t understand, since one transaction is missing, why I don’t get a warning for mismatched balance?

Kind regards,


Please open a ticket under help in your accountsection

I added this to excisting ticket #44725. But I don’t get any response on my questions I added in my account section.

Maybe support takes a little more time. When was this ticket sent?

Hi Bernhard, 4 days ago, I think it’s busy…

yes, 4 days are not unusual long. Please have a little patience

Ok danke für deine Antwort.