Transaction with 0 amount but X fee

I’ve migrated from accointing and have some approve transactions. In these are marked as payment and the Fee is entered as amount.

I tried to change this into a Fee transaction with zero amount and the amount as real fee.

But I cannot store the change as the form says 0 as amount is invalid.

How can I achieve my goal without using 0.0000000001 as amount?


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The solution is to change the payment transaktion into a fee transaktion wiethout a fee :wink:

Keep it simple :wink:

IMHO: Not very satisfying. Feels like a regular use case on each chain.

For me this seems to be a bug. There is no need to disallow zero as input.

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But that´s what the FEE lable is for :wink:

I would say it depends on the use case ;). The problem here is that it is still an outgoing asset for the system and not a Fee.

Due to this e.g. the export handles them as this with OutgoingValue instead of the Fee columns.

This breaks the API as something is handled via a „Workaround“ as somthing what it is not.

All consumers of the exports (e.g. I use it for more analysis) must also implement workarounds on best guesses. Thus this will most likely introduce problems on the way.

That’s why I call it more a bug.

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